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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Green Onion Experiment

My Big Guy came home from preschool excited after learning how to take measurements with a ruler.  He LOVED measuring different things in our house!  His teacher gave him "homework" to help improve his skills and he thought it was wonderful.  We decided to help improve his ability to measure by watching a green onion grow.  We are on our second day and its proving to be a fun and easy little activity.

This is what we did:

  1. I purchased green onions from the grocery store and made a really yummy potato soup!
  2. After I used the onions, I placed them in a glass on our kitchen windowsill.
  3. We are watching them grow until they are big enough for us to eat again.
  4. Every couple of days we will measure and mark down how much they have grown.
  5. I will show the boys what an inch looks like on the ruler and have them make a guess as to how much they think the onions have grown before we actually measure it.
It's fun to watch and measure the onions because they grow so quickly.  In only two days they have grown an inch and a half!  Wow!  LOVE it!

This is a really quick video from youtube:  Here  It will show you how quickly a green onion grows!  Kind of amazing  (at least in my little world) :)

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