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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Make A Simple Corsage

Are you planning a celebration for a special person?  Whether you're hosting a shower, birthday, or anniversary party you can honor that person with a corsage or boutoniere you make yourself. It's so fun and easy!  So instead of making a trip to your favorite florist, make one to a local store and choose a bouquet you LOVE.  I recently did just that.  I went to the floral department at Cub Foods and purchased three bunches; a colorful bouquet of flowers, a bunch of greens, and a bunch of Baby's Breath and I only paid $15 for all three.  With a few supplies I had on hand at home, I created a corsage, centerpiece for my dining room table, and a small bouquet for my bathroom. 

This is what I did:  

I gathered supplies:  a plastic bag, a scissors, a pearlized pin, floral tape, 1/8" wide ribbon 24" long, a 6" wire (I bought pins, tape, ribbon, and wire from Michaels or Jo-Ann Fabric And Craft Store), a piece of greenery 6" long, a stem of Baby's Breath 6" long, and a red carnation 6" long.

I made a small ribbon bow by wrapping it in a circle and wiring the center.

I placed the Baby's Breath on top of the greenery, the carnation on top of the Baby's Breath, and the wired bow on top of the carnation.  I trimmed the bottom of my stems and wire.  Then starting under the bow, I used floral tape to wrap the stems and wire.  As I wrapped, I slightly stretched the tape to make it stick, continuing to the end of the stems.

I stuck a pearlized pin in the back of the wrapped stems for attachment to clothing.  I sometimes add an extra pin.

I placed my finished corsage in a plastic bag, sprayed it lightly with water to keep it fresh (try not to get the ribbon wet), and stored it in the refrigerator until the party. 

TIP:  I've made a variety of corsages using several kinds of flowers and greenery.   I recommend keeping it fairly simple and light so the corsage hangs nicely on clothing. 

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