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Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Triumphal Entry - Palm Sunday Lesson Plan with Craft

We celebrated Jesus' Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem today at Sunday School.  The lesson was a huge success.  The kids learned a lot, had a ton of fun, and hopefully experienced the LOVE of our Risen Savior!!

This is what we did:

1.  We started the lesson with the students entering the room and coloring a picture of Jesus's Triumphal Entry.  While the students colored, a teacher traced the "Palm" of each child's hand and cut out several copies for each child  (about a dozen per kid!)

This is a link to many coloring pages of the Triumphal Entry:  Coloring Pages

2.  I read a book to the kids:  The Donkey That No One Could Ride

3.  The kids made a palm branch craft:  

*  We used donated stir sticks from Sherwin Williams. I tied raffia (purchased at Walmart) and contrasting green and blue jumbo yarn on the notch at the end of each stir stick to add decoration.

*  The kids glued their "palms" onto the stir stick.  I put glue on paper plates and gave each child a q-tip to use as a glue applicator.  

3.  I read the bible story of the triumphal entry and the students acted it.  They kids made a parade behind "Jesus" and the "Transformed Donkey".  My parents made the donkey in the picture below.  (Tutorial to Come!)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dinosaur Craft

Little Guy and Best Buddy requested a dinosaur project!  It was super simple and turned out really cute.  I LOVE the imaginary play that took place after we finished.

This is what we did:  

  1. I drew the outline of a dinosaur's body onto a piece of cardboard and cut it out.
  2. The boys painted the outline with washable tempera paint.
  3. I traced an outline of the top of the body so that I could draw spikes (triangles) and I cut it out.
  4. The boys sprinkled glitter on the dinosaurs while the paint was still wet.
  5. The boys glued the spikes onto the dinosaur.
  6. The boys glued a googly eye onto the dinosaur.
  7. They painted two clothespins each the same color as the dinosaur to use as legs.
  8. Attach the clothespins to the legs and let it dry.
  9. Play!
This project took about a half hour from start to finish.  If the materials had been pre-drawn and cut it would've taken less time.  The boys worked on this project while I made chocolate chip cookies!  Have fun!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

An Easter Project

I LOVE flowers, especially in Spring, so when March rolls along I look forward to Ash Wednesday - the beginning of Lent.  It is then that I dig out my amaryllis bulb, pot it in fresh soil, give it water, and place it in the sun.  I continue to water it throughout Lent and wait for Easter's arrival, the time it typically takes for my bulb to sprout and bloom.  It is so easy that kids can do it!  After planting, they WAIT, and watch "new life in Spring."

If you plan ahead, you can purchase amaryllis bulbs during Christmas time.  They are available at several stores and I have found them for as little as $5.00 each.  Otherwise you can find them at Bachman's but expect to pay more. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Crown Of Thorns Plant

I LOVE going to thrift stores and garage sales.  Last summer I bought a succulent called "Crown of Thorns" for just a few dollars.  After a little research from Wikipedia, I learned that my plant is native to Madagascar and is in the family Euphorbiaciae.  It is believed by many to be the plant worn by Jesus Christ at His crucifixion.  The plant is also referred to as Christ Plant and Christ Thorn.  During this time of Lent, it is a good reminder to me of Christ's sacrifice for our salvation.

Euphorbia milii

NOTE:  If you purchase this plant for yourself, please be aware that the sap is "moderately poisonous" although I have not noticed any sap on mine.  You should also use caution when handling as the thorns are quite pronounced.