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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Race Car Slide

We got another great idea from Pinterest this morning!  Thanks, The Contemplative Creative for the inspiration for our amazing car jump, ramp, totally cool, and exciting cardboard slide!  The boys LOVED the excitement!

This is what we did:

  1. We got a big box from our garage.  I'd been wanting my husband to throw the t.v. box away for a long time.  He must have known we would find another purpose for it.  I used a scissors to open it up the long way!
  2. We put a big bin at the bottom of the stairs.
  3. We collected all of our matchbox cars and put them at the top of the stairs.
  4. We used masking tape to attach the cardboard to the top of the stairs.
  5. The boys took turns sending hundreds of our toy cars down the slide trying to get them to land in the big bin!
  6. It was pure joy as we watched the cars zoom down the slide, make a big jump and land in the bin!  So fun!
The Contemplative Creative suggested that the kids slide down the cardboard.  Without carpet on our stairs and the steep grade of the stairs that was strictly prohibited at our house!  My boys certainly thought of the idea to slide down themselves - So this was a CLOSELY SUPERVISED activity.  This was a high energy activity!  LOVE.  Oh, and I LOVE our new t.v.!

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