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Friday, February 1, 2013

Honoring Your Child's Art

An organizational rule that I like to follow is:  Only Touch a Paper Once!  My kids LOVE to do projects - at school, at home, at friends' houses, EVERYWHERE!   The papers can be overwhelming. So, I try to only touch them once (OK, maybe twice) I took an idea from pinterest to help me organize.  Here is the link: Here             

This is what I did:

  1. I bought matted frames and a cafe curtain rod at Walmart.  Walmart Homepage
  2. I put my favorite kids' paintings in the frame (change 'em out periodically).
  3. The kids put the rest of their work on the cafe rod (hung by shower curtain clips).
  4. After their work has been displayed for awhile, I either throw it away, take a picture, or put it in the baby book.
LOVE that I am able to honor their efforts by having a place to display their work.  My boys love to flip through their art and put different projects in front.  It also provides a conversation peice when friends and relatives visit the house.  I also LOVE how brave I was to hang the cafe rod.  My husband doesn't really like to have holes in the wall.  I had never used a drill before!  While he was at work, I just did it!  Unfortunately, he is going to have to re-do it at some point because I didn't actually hang it the correct way...something about anchors?  :)

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