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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Feather Hair Clip

My oldest daughter (6) had a "Late Night" It is much like a sleep over, but all kids go home late (10:00 PM) instead of sleeping over. We had several games and crafts happening during the evening. While working on the Feather Hair Clip, feathers started to fly everywhere, I am still finding them floating round through my living room. I have been getting feedback from parents though how this was LOVED by all, the kids are wearing them at school, and putting on the feather hair clips when told to get dressed up. Who knew these few simple steps would be so fun.

What you need;

1. Hair Clip
2. Glue Gun
3. Fancy Beads and Pony Beads
3. Suede Lace
4. Feathers
5. Scissors

What we did,

1. Cut Suede Lace length of child's hair.
2. Hot Glue Suede Lace to hair clip.
3. Cut end of Suede Lace at an angle.
4. String Fancy Beads and Pony Beads alternating between.
5. Place feathers under Pony Beads.
(Last bead should be tight, you should not need to tie end.)

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