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Monday, October 6, 2014

The Creation Story - Sunday School Lesson!

The Creation Story - Sunday School Lesson

To teach the "Creation Story" we did many activities.

1.  Students entered the room and colored a picture of the Creation Story.  We also had large rocks set at each child's spot to paint with water.

2.  The students met in a large group and sang a song about Creation.  (song lyrics to come)

3.  We read the Creation Story from a Children's Bible.  Then we gave each child a picture of something God created. The kids each came forward and placed the picture under the correct day;  day 1, day 2, etc...  After each picture was placed, the class said, "It was Good!"

4.  The children ate a snack.  We provided the kids with a couple of cheese cubes and pretzel sticks. We showed the kiddos how to make a sun by pushing the pretzel sticks into the cheese cube.  We explained that God made LIGHT!  The kiddos had a lot of fun with this activity and started to make other things too!

5.  While the children ate the snack we asked them to tell us different things that God made.  We ended up naming a lot of different animals and making animal sounds.

6,  We had the kids make a "CREATION" bucket.  Each kid got a gallon-sized ice-cream bucket that had been covered in scrap book paper and mod podge.  Then they decorated the buckets with stickers.  The stickers represented all the different things that God made.  The kids will use their bucket to carry their Sunday School Creations home each week.

7.  Finally, we said our closing prayer.  Each child thanked God for one thing He created.

This class was taught to 4 yr. olds.