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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Jesus Feeds 5000 Craft

We learned about the miracle Jesus performed by feeding 5000 men plus women and children from only two fish and five loaves of bread that was offered to him from a young boy in the crowd.  Jesus gave thanks for the food and fed everyone until they were full.  There were 12 baskets leftover!

This is what we did:

The Baskets:
  1. Fold a piece of brown construction paper in half.  Cut four slits into it - being sure to save about an inch on each side.
  2. Cut 3-4 long strips of paper in a contrasting color.
  3. Weave the long strips between the slits. 
  4. Glue down each end of the strips to the brown paper.
  5. Cut off the extra length of the long strips.
  6. Round the edges of the basket.
The Fish and Loaves of Bread:
  1. Draw fish and loaves of bread on white paper. 
  2. Make copies for each child so that they have 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread.
  3. Color the bread and fish.
  4. Cut out the bread and fish.
  5. Glue them anywhere on the basket.
The kids really liked this project.  They worked on it for about 30 minutes.  We got rushed and they had to finish up.  They could've worked longer.  It was fun to let them weave the strips of paper and to cut out the pieces.  They really worked hard and were proud of the finished product.  As usual, I LOVED how everyone's project looked a little bit different in the end!

When I talked to the children about this Bible story I emphasized what a miracle is and how important it is to share.  Later in the day I heard my Big Guy exclaiming that something was a miracle!  (kind of cool)

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