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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Angel's Tears

My sister and I made these LOVELY ornaments last summer on a rainy day while camping. We had a lot of fun and it's so easy! When the sun was shining we collected pretty rocks, driftwood, and pieces of twisted tree roots which we found along the shoreline. I chose white rocks but any color variation, shape or size (as long as it's not too big) would look nice. My craft kit contained old beaded necklaces, earrings, trinkets, wire, and twine so we began our creations from things I had on hand.

 This is what we did:

1. We wrapped the first rock with wire and randomly inserted beads and twisted wire curls which we made by wrapping the wire around a pencil.
 2. We attached this first rock to the tree root with pieces from a beaded necklace by simply wiring them together.
3. We then added the second embellished wire wrapped rock to the one above as in step two. We continued this process until we had five dangling rocks. I finished the last one with a metal star. You may add as many rocks as you like but we chose an odd number, a design rule I learned a long time ago.
4. Tie twine, wire, or whatever you want to the tree root to hang.

My sister hung her "one of a kind" ornament in a corner of her screened summer porch. I hung mine in my breezeway window but I also think it would look nice hanging from a tree branch in my garden. Enjoy!

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