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Monday, February 25, 2013

Honoring Birthdays

My family LOVES to celebrate birthdays, but busy schedules often make it difficult to find a date that works for everyone.  So instead of celebrating each person's birthday individually, we often celebrate two or more together in the same month.  Next month (March) we have three, and I decided to honor each one by displaying his photo on a table centerpiece. 

This is what I did:

  1. I bought three 4" x 6" clear frames for $.95 each.
  2. I had each person's photo printed for less than a quarter and put them in each frame.
  3. I found the base of my Lazy Susan (I want my centerpiece to twirl so everyone seated at the table can see all three).
  4. I put non slip shelf/drawer liner on top of the Lazy Susan to prevent objects from sliding when turned.
  5. I placed my lucky bamboo plant, my battery operated LED stick lights (I bought them earlier from Michaels), and three glittery shamrocks (I paid less than a dollar each from Michaels) in a small basket and put them in the center of the Lazy Susan base. 
  6. I covered the top of the basket with dried moss that I bought from the Dollar Store.
  7. I filled the empty spaces with pinecones (left over from Christmas), dried hydrangea from my garden, and more moss. 
When the party's over, each honored guest can take his framed photo home.  For the next birthday gathering, I'd LOVE to use fresh spring flowers!

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