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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Holy Spirit/Dove Project

Our lesson at Sunday School was about the Holy Spirit.  The objective was to help the kids understand that Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to be with us on Earth.  The Holy Spirit helps us to:  1)  Do what God wants us to do  2)  Do what is Right  3)  Help Others  4) Pray.  The concept of the Holy Spirit can be difficult for little people to grasp because the Holy Spirit can not be seen.  We did a couple of activities during our lesson to help them out.

This is what we did:

Mystery Picture Craft:

  1.  Draw a simple dove outline, using a white crayon, onto white paper.  Make the outline fairly thick.  I drew over my outline a couple of times. 
  2. Draw an olive branch in the Dove's mouth.  I used a brown crayon for the branch and a green crayon for the leaves.
  3. The kids could only see the olive branch when they were given the paper.
  4. I instructed the kids to use watercolor paints to cover the entire page.
  5. The mystery picture;  THE DOVE shows up.
This project was completed very quickly by 5 yr. olds.  I think it took about 10 minutes.  It is a beautiful project for the kids to take home.  I'm guessing many parents hung it at home.

Dove Paper Plate Craft:

  1. I drew an outline of a dove on a paper plate.  Use the really cheap flimsy paper plates.  My plate was a little bit higher quality and it made it more difficult for the kids to cut out the pieces.
  2. Let the kids cut along the lines.
  3. Tape the wings to the back side of the body.
  4. Let the kids draw the details (beak, feet, eyes)  We used crayons.
I think it would be fun to use google eyes and white feathers too! 

This idea came from:  Catholic Icing
Additional Activity: 
I also used our puppet, Scotty the Lion, to help introduce the kids to the concept that just because you can't see something doesn't mean it doesn't exist.  I put a balloon in Scotty's bag and had the kids try to guess what was in it.  Most guessed it was a ball.   The balloon grabbed their attention right away.  I took out another balloon and tried to "blow it up" without actually blowing.  I just put it to my lips.  The kids told me I needed to blow in order for it to work.  We then talked about air - even though we can't see it, it exists, and is actually very powerful.  An example of powerful air is a storm or a tornado.  This is like the Holy Spirit.  We then tossed the balloon to each other and gave examples of what the Holy Spirit can help us to do. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

A Gift for Dad - Picture Frame

The boys and I made a birthday gift for Dad.  I think it turned out really cute. The boys were so proud of their work.  I LOVED how excited they were to give Dad a gift.

This is what we did:

Playing Football with Dad

A Picture of Dad with Lots of Hearts

  1. I bought inexpensive black frames at Walmart.  
  2. I purchased washers in a variety of sizes from Walmart.
  3. I traced the cardboard backing of each frame onto a piece of paper and cut it out.
  4. The boys drew picture for Dad on each piece of paper.
  5. We put the pictures inside the frame.
  6. The boys placed washers on the black frames - wherever they wanted.
  7. I hot glued the washers onto the frame.  (I think Tacky glue would have worked but I couldn't find our bottle.)
  8. Done!
Dad plans to bring the pictures to work to put on his desk.  I hope he is reminded of how much we love him.

The post we got our inspiration from was:  Picture Frame for Dad 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Swans & Sandhill Cranes

I LOVED visiting the Crex Meadows Wildlife Area In Grantsburg, Wisconsin.  My husband, sister, brother-in-law, and I rose early one morning in mid October so we could be at the refuge by dawn. It was awesome seeing thousands of migratory birds and listening to their chatter.  My sister captured some beautiful close-up photos of Sandhill cranes and swans floating along the shore line. You can tour the refuge from your vehicle so little or no walking is required. Maps are available at the visitors center. I highly recommend checking this place out.  You will experience nature at its finest!  


Two Sandhill Cranes


Painted Hydrangea

I LOVE decorating with hydrangea because it's so easy and arrangements looks great all year long.  I simply picked clusters after they turned green (the dried stage) and lightly spray painted them maroon to match the d├ęcor in my room.  That's it!  So easy and so pretty!

FYI:  If I pick clusters when they first bloom (white), and put them in a vase with fresh water,  they will last a week or so.  If I pick them after they turn green, they last all year with NO water.  I can also pick them after they turn brown for the same affect.  This Christmas I plan to spray paint brown clusters white to imitate a light dusting of snow.  I might decorate a wreath or use them in a display on my fireplace mantle.  Either way, it will be fun to bring "the outside in" and stay cozy warm in the process!