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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Water Bead Sensory Bin

Sometimes Little Guy doesn't want to participate in our craft projects but still wants to feel like he is part of the action.  A water bead sensory bin is a simple solution!  He LOVES the slippery texture of the water beads and there is literally no mess, which I LOVE !

This is what we did:

  1. I purchased a bin at the Dollar Store.
  2. I purchased four containers of Water Beads (Floral Section) at the Dollar Store.
  3. I put little toys in the bin.
  4. Little Guy played next to Big Guy while he completed a project.  Super!
The water beads are definitely a CHOKING HAZZARD.  Please don't let a child who puts toys into his mouth play with water beads!!!  I store the water beads in a sealed container.  I think they will last indefinitely.  They feel like slimy/wet, smushy super balls.  They even bounce a little bit!

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