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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Alternative Science Experiments for Kingdom Rock VBS

I've been working on alternative science experiments for Kingdom Rocks VBS.  I found some at Steve Spangler's website:  Cool Science Experiments.  You can use this link to get directions for his science experiments.  Maybe you will find more that will work even better!  Leave me a comment if you do!

I created another blog post with what I think are BETTER alternative science experiments.  Make sure you check it out!  You can find it by clicking on the category:  Sunday School Lessons on the right hands side of this screen.

This is what I found:

Day 1:  God's Love Helps Us to Stand Strong
- Instead of puchasing the tumbler (with the marble choking hazard) we may use Exploding Art.  Fill a film canister with paint and alka-seltzer tablets.  They should explode leaving a colorful mess on the paper. I liked Spangler's quote:  A canister at rest stays at rest until "pop".  God's Love = Pop!   I found this experiment/art project on Pinterest.  Here is the link: Exploding Art

Day 2:  Family and Friends Help Us to Stand Strong
- Instead of purchasing the aqua boosters kids can make their own Diving Ketchup.  I'm hoping the kids will be able to draw stick people with sharpie markers on one side of the ketchup packet (which I'm going to ask a fast food restaurant chain to donate).

Day 3:  Prayer Helps Us to Stand Strong
- Instead of purchasing the balancing birds I will set up a station of Balancing Nails.  I think the balancing trick is a bit more impressive than the birds and will take the kids longer to figure out how to do it!

Day 4:  Trusting God Helps Us to Stand Strong
- Instead of purchasing the Anti-Gravity Tube kids will do a simple Huff and Puff Challenge.  The air inside the bottle represents God.  Even though we can't see it (the air) it is always there.  Even though you can't always see God, He is always there for you.

Day 5:  The Bible Helps Us to Stand Strong:
- Instead of puchasing Way-to-Glow Pens I hope to do Black Light Secret Message.  If I'm not able to get mini-black lights donated then I'll purchase a black light for a couple of dollars from Menards (they sell industrial black lights - those long tubes).  Another thing to know - Tide Laundry detergent glows in the dark under a black light.  You might be able to figure out something fun with that.

I hope this helps you plan for a God-Inspired week for your kids at VBS!


  1. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. You're welcome, Jill. I was also thinking it would be fun to build "castles" out of extra thick spaghetti noodles and marshmallows for the big kids and the little kids can use grapes and toothpicks. A triangle base is the strongest: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!

  3. Anonymous6/03/2013

    Thank you! I was looking up alternative science experiments on Pinterest and then I found your list! This is so helpful!

  4. Anonymous7/27/2013

    How does the Aqua booster work?


    1. We ended up doing different science experiments. I have another post titled: Better Alternative Science Experiments. However, the ketchup packet (or any condiment package) that has little bit of air in it will float in the water. When you push the sides of the bottle it will "swim" to the top. I've seen some that have hooks in the bottle to catch the condiment packet. I hope this helps!