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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Adjustable Straps

I recently made some aprons for several people in my family.  When "one size didn't fit all," I added an adjustable neck strap.  It was so easy and I LOVE that it fit everyone! 

This is what I did:

I slipped the left strap into the first clip and sewed the strap to the backside of the same strap (Photo 1). 

Photo 1
I slipped the right strap into a second clip and then inserted the right strap into the clip of the left strap (Photo 2).
Photo 2

I pulled a large loop in the second clip of the right strap so I could slip the end of the right strap through the clip again but inside the large loop (Photo 3). 

Photo 3
I finished by sewing the right strap to itself near the end (Photo 4).

Photo 4

Adjustable straps can be used for many items.  I'd LOVE to put one on a beach bag!

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  1. This was very helpful and super easy! Thank you!