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Monday, April 29, 2013

Noah's Ark - Canvas Painting Craft

For our last Sunday school class of the year, I wanted to remind the children that God always LOVES them.  We decided to do a craft on the theme of Noah's Ark.  I wanted the children to have a special craft that they could keep - possibly even hang somewhere in the house as a reminder of God's LOVE for them.

(The complete lesson plan is included after the instructions for the craft)

This is what we did for the craft:

  1. I purchased one canvas for each child.  The canvas was sold in 3 packs and cost $3.00 per pack at JoAnn's (on sale for 50%).  (Example of God's grace.  I told myself that I would only do this craft if I could buy a canvas for each kid at no more than a dollar.  I went to the store and they happened to be 50% off!)
  2. I used painter's tape to mark a cross on each child's canvas.
  3. The kids used a paint brush and tempera paint to create a RAINBOW on the canvas.
  4. After the paint dries, simply remove the painter's tape to reveal the cross.

I found the inspiration for our craft project on Pinterest: canvas art inspiration and this one too canvas art inspiration!

The Lesson:
*  I introduced the lesson using our puppet, Scotty the Lion.  Scotty placed a mirror in a sealed bag.  The kids pass the bag around to try to guess what Scotty brought.  The clue was:  God loves whoever you see in this bag.

*  I showed the kids a picture of the Bible story:  Noah's Ark.  The kids explained what they saw in the picture.

*  I used a model of Noah's Ark complete with animals and shared the Bible story with them.  The kids each held an animal while I told the story and at the right time placed the animal on the ark.

*  I explained that the rainbow is a sign from God that He LOVES us!

*  We completed the craft activity.

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