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Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Last Supper Lesson Plan

Today in Sunday School we learned about the Last Supper.  We LOVE Jesus!

This is what we did:

We began the class with the sign of  the cross - just like we do every Sunday.  The kids are getting really good at it and most will stand up in front of the class to demonstrate!  Its so cute.

Our puppet, Sotty the Lion, brought a spoon and fork hidden in his bag.  The kids were all able to guess what he had this week.  They Loved that!  He brought the spoon and fork because he wanted us to learn about the Last Supper.

I used a children's bible that has awesome pictures to tell the story of Jesus entering Jerusalem and then eating his Last Supper with the disciples.

The kids took off their shoes and socks.  I gave them each a hand towel to wrap around their shoulders. We walked around the room and our feet got very dirty.  We pretended to walk "upstairs" to the Upper Room for the Last Supper.  The kids sat down at the table and said, "I'm not going to wash your feet!".  I took my towel off my shoulders, wrapped it around my waist and proceeded to wash all of their feet. (They loved this part).  The kids put their socks and shoes back on and then sat at the table.  Each child got a Nilla Wafer and some apple juice.  I acted out the scene of the Last Supper where Jesus shares His Body and Blood.

Then we practiced "going to communion".  The kids folded their arms, bowed, and I placed my hand on their head and said "Jesus Loves You".

We used the Last Supper Craft from the Catholic Icing:  Last Supper
She has great instructions and printables.  This is what I would add:
1.  My kiddos are little (4-6 yrs. old).  The can't possibly cut out the people.  I cut them for them.
2.  Plan in advance.  You need 2 egg cartons for each kid.  When cutting the egg cartons, I found it was easier to use a serated kitchen knife instead of scissors.  Also, not all egg cartons are the same!!!  You need to match up similar egg cartons and you might need to cut off part of the bottom of the egg carton after you make your slits to get it to lay flat.
3.  Hot glue gun the egg cartons together.
4.  Put numbers on each of the apostles with a permanent marker and then write a number for where each apostle should be placed on the egg carton.  That way the kids can put them in the same spot as DaVinci's painting.
5. I used card stock.  I think it made it easier to color (since they were coloring fairly small peices of paper).

I made the example you see above.  The kids weren't able to color the disciples to look just like the picture - but that doesn't matter!  It doesn't even  matter if they have the disciples in the same order. :)

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