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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spray Bottle Painting

The boys LOVED that this project combined a couple of their favorite things:  spray bottles and paint!  We made Tie Dyed Easter eggs but the colors are fabulous and could be used to make any shape!

This is what we did:

  1. We prepared our surface by laying down wax paper over the counter.  (If I do it again, I'll probably use an old tablecloth that I don't care about because it will make clean up a lot easier but I'll still lay down the wax paper).
  2. I cut out oval shapes  to (kind of) look like eggs.
  3. The boys used a white crayon to color designs on the eggs. (The designs didn't really show up - we might skip this step next time)
  4. I dripped food coloring on the eggs.
  5. The boys used a spray bottle (filled with water) to make the color run.
  6. We dumped the excess water into a small bin.  Have a container ready!
  7. We repeated the process until the entire egg was covered.
  8. Wait for your pictures to dry!
The last egg pictured was NOT made using food coloring.  Instead we used Dot Art.  It prevented a lot of the mess, but didn't run like the food coloring did.  I think the end project looks just as nice though. 

This project can get really messy.  Make sure you stay by your kiddos until you know that they aren't going to get food coloring everywhere!  I'm pretty sure the food coloring will stain clothes! 

Don't let the possible mess scare you!  The boys really LOVED this project.  I'm going to try to come up with more projects involving a spray bottle.

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