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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Crown Of Thorns Plant

I LOVE going to thrift stores and garage sales.  Last summer I bought a succulent called "Crown of Thorns" for just a few dollars.  After a little research from Wikipedia, I learned that my plant is native to Madagascar and is in the family Euphorbiaciae.  It is believed by many to be the plant worn by Jesus Christ at His crucifixion.  The plant is also referred to as Christ Plant and Christ Thorn.  During this time of Lent, it is a good reminder to me of Christ's sacrifice for our salvation.

Euphorbia milii

NOTE:  If you purchase this plant for yourself, please be aware that the sap is "moderately poisonous" although I have not noticed any sap on mine.  You should also use caution when handling as the thorns are quite pronounced. 

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