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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dinosaur Craft

Little Guy and Best Buddy requested a dinosaur project!  It was super simple and turned out really cute.  I LOVE the imaginary play that took place after we finished.

This is what we did:  

  1. I drew the outline of a dinosaur's body onto a piece of cardboard and cut it out.
  2. The boys painted the outline with washable tempera paint.
  3. I traced an outline of the top of the body so that I could draw spikes (triangles) and I cut it out.
  4. The boys sprinkled glitter on the dinosaurs while the paint was still wet.
  5. The boys glued the spikes onto the dinosaur.
  6. The boys glued a googly eye onto the dinosaur.
  7. They painted two clothespins each the same color as the dinosaur to use as legs.
  8. Attach the clothespins to the legs and let it dry.
  9. Play!
This project took about a half hour from start to finish.  If the materials had been pre-drawn and cut it would've taken less time.  The boys worked on this project while I made chocolate chip cookies!  Have fun!

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