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Friday, December 20, 2013

Kids Fresh Green Centerpiece

Christmas is a time of celebration, great joy, and wonder.  It's also a time to exchange gifts of LOVE to our family.  What gift expresses more LOVE than a gift made by a child!

My daughter, grandkids, daycare kids, friend, and I made these simple arrangements at their special Christmas Party today!

This is what we did:
  1. We wrote each child's name on the bottom of an 8 oz. plastic cup.  You can use clear cups or cups with a printed design.
  2. We instructed the kids to turn their cups upside down and place a rubber band on each.
  3. We then gave them a 22" piece of jute yarn and told them to slip it under the rubber band.  (The rubber band helps hold the jute in place).
  4. If the kids were able to tie, they were instructed to wrap the jute around the cup and make a simple bow.  Because our group was preschool age, the adults did this part for them.
  5. The kids turned their cups right side up and placed a pre-cut piece of wet foam in each.  The foam was cut approximately 2 1/2" high and 1 3/4" wide.  Each fit snuggly to the bottom.
  6. The kids then poured about 1/2 cup of water onto their foam.  If they saw water that was not absorbed into the foam, they were told they had too much water and the extra water was dumped out.
  7. The kids then stuck small pieces of fresh greens (also pre-cut) into the wet foam leaving a space open in the center.
  8. They finished by sticking a decorated pick in the center. Any holiday pick will work or a simple pinecone on a stick as shown in the photo above.
It was fun to see the kids accomplish this activity with little or no help.  With minimal prep work, the kids completed the craft in only 10-15 minutes.  They looked quite proud of their accomplishment as they posed for photos in front of the Christmas tree!

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