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Monday, May 13, 2013

Melted Crayon Drawing

My boys LOVE our Crayon Maker.  I despise the thing!  I hate getting it out, I hate supervising it, and I hate cleaning it up.  Yet, they still ask to use it (often).  I can't  pinpoint why my hatred for the thing exists ...but it does.  Today, was one of those days when the boys and their neighbor buddy asked to get it out. I couldn't muster up enough positive energy to let them try it so instead we tested a crayon painting tutorial we found on Pinterest:  crayon painting.

This is what we did:

  1. The boys drew outlines of shapes on a large sheet of white card stock paper.
  2. I covered our griddle in aluminum foil and turned the heat setting on warm.
  3. We peeled the paper off the crayons.
  4. The boys colored in their drawings.
The crayons melt as they are used.  It gives the project a different feel from a simple drawing on white paper.  The boys worked for about 45 minutes.  The griddle does get warm so I supervised closely.  Using card stock paper prevented it from getting too hot.  They could touch the paper without getting burned.  But, if they left their hands/fingers on it too long, the potential to be burned existed.  Watch your kiddos carefully if you choose to try out this project!  Little Guy didn't get to participate in this one!  Big Guy and his Neighbor Buddy gave this project 2 out of 3 stars!  I think older kids could be very creative with this project to create beautiful pictures.

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