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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Game to Help Kindergartners Identify Numbers 1-30 "OOPS"

Last week, Big Guy attended "Kindergarten Round-Up".  He's so excited to go to school next year but it makes Momma a little sad.  Wow!  They grow up so fast.  Tear.  Anyway, the teachers sent us home with a card game called "OOPS".  The purpose is to help children learn to identify numbers 1-30.  Big Guy thinks the game is fun.  I lost the original instructions (Oh, well) so I'll share the directions we made up!

This is how we play:

  1. You need a deck of cards with numbers 1-30 and 3 cards that say "OOPS".
  2. Spread the cards out on a table face down.
  3. Take turns choosing a card.
  4. If you are able to correctly identify the number on the card you get to keep it. (We usually get two attempts).
  5. If you aren't able to identify the number, you must put it back on the table face down.
  6. If you draw an "OOPS" card you must return one of the cards from your save pile facedown on the table.
  7. The first person to correctly identify 5 numbers and put them in numerical order is the "Winner".
Have fun playing!

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