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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Kids Crown

Kids LOVE to wear crowns.  Big Guy was helping me come up with craft activities for Vacation Bible School.  We decided to make our own version of a Kingdom Rock crown.

This is what we did:

  1. I cut a thick length of construction paper to use as the front of the crown.
  2. I put dots all over the front of the crown using tacky glue. (tacky glue doesn't run like regular school glue)
  3. Big Guy (Little Guy could do it too but he was sleeping) put sequins and little puff balls on the dots of glue.
  4. We turned the paper over and used masking tape to attach three chenille stems and two widths of paper to the back of it.
  5. Big Guy attached hearts to the chenille stems. (hearts were hole punched)
  6. We wrapped the crown around his head and stapled the two widths together to fit his head.
This was a super simple craft.  You could use any materials on hand to make the crown. We might use this craft for the pre-schoolers at VBS.

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