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Friday, November 15, 2013

A Gift for Dad - Picture Frame

The boys and I made a birthday gift for Dad.  I think it turned out really cute. The boys were so proud of their work.  I LOVED how excited they were to give Dad a gift.

This is what we did:

Playing Football with Dad

A Picture of Dad with Lots of Hearts

  1. I bought inexpensive black frames at Walmart.  
  2. I purchased washers in a variety of sizes from Walmart.
  3. I traced the cardboard backing of each frame onto a piece of paper and cut it out.
  4. The boys drew picture for Dad on each piece of paper.
  5. We put the pictures inside the frame.
  6. The boys placed washers on the black frames - wherever they wanted.
  7. I hot glued the washers onto the frame.  (I think Tacky glue would have worked but I couldn't find our bottle.)
  8. Done!
Dad plans to bring the pictures to work to put on his desk.  I hope he is reminded of how much we love him.

The post we got our inspiration from was:  Picture Frame for Dad 

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