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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Preschool Math at Home

My Big Guy attends an awesome preschool.  He's learned a lot and LOVES going to school.  Yesterday, as we pulled up to the door, he asked if I would just drop him off!!  What?? When did he get so big that he doesn't want his mom to walk him in? (tears) Like all moms, I want the very best for my kids.  I've been supplementing his preschool curriculum at home each morning with fun stuff  that is helping my son learn core skills he will be expected to master in kindergarten.  One part of our morning routine is to complete two pages in his numbers book.  For the most part, he LOVES doing the worksheets.

This is what we do:

  1. I picked up this book at Barnes and Noble.  I wasn't really sure what to choose (there are a lot of options).  This one costs less than $10.00.
  2. Each morning, my son sits at the kitchen counter while I'm preparing breakfast and completes at least two pages.
There are several reasons I really like this book.  It is fun!  The book is sequenced from easy to difficult.  It mixes fun pages with more traditional styled worksheets.  So, after my son has completed a "hard" page (writing all the numbers in order without being able to see an example) it is followed by a connect the dots.  I appreciate the large print and numbers.  My son isn't overwhelmed when he looks at the page.  I've seen improvement.  We are a little more than halfway through the workbook (about 3 weeks) and I see a noticeable difference in his ability to recognize numbers (out of order) and to write them correctly (his ability to write them smaller is improving too).  I will definitely purchase the next level once we have completed this one.

Next time, I will slip the pages into plastic sleeves and use a dry erase marker so that we can re-use the pages!

Here is a link to the Barnes and Noble website:  Kumon Workbook

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