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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Fizz?  We LOVE it at our house!  We took a drab MN too cold to go outside or even get in the car kind of morning from frightful to delightful!  We decided to test out the old scientific volcanic eruption experiment.  It was fun!

This is what we did:

1.  I covered the counter with a disposable tablecloth.  It made clean up way easier.
2.  Each boy got a muffin tin.
3.  They spooned baking soda into each of the muffin tins.  My little guy thought the baking soda should be shoveled like sand! :)
4.  I put a little food coloring into each muffin tin.  That part was fun...later.
5.  The boys each had a little measuring cup and they poured vinegar into the baking soda.
6.  We laughed and screamed as the tin overflowed with colored fizz!  (the more vinegar, not baking soda, produced the greatest result!)
We did this activity for about an hour!  They seriously LOVED it.  We went through a gallon of vinegar and 2 boxes of baking soda!

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