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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Candy Necklace - How sweet are YOUR words!

I was looking for a quick and easy craft project for a few moms to complete as a "filler" at a MOM's Group meeting.  I found this idea on Pinterest:  Candy Necklace.  It only took minutes to complete, is super cute, and our kids LOVED them!

  This is what we did:

  1. Tear off a piece of cling wrap.  Long enough to hold about 5 pieces of candy. (The longer the cling wrap, the longer the necklace).
  2. Lay the cling wrap on a hard surface.  Fold it in half (the long way).
  3. Lay 5 pieces of wrapped candy down the center of the cling wrap.
  4. Fold one side over the candy and then the other.
  5. Cut 6-8 inch strips of curling ribbon to tie in between the pieces of candy.  
  6. Cut a longer strip of curling ribbon to tie at each end to connect the necklace.
  7. Curl the ribbon.
  8. Add the Bible verse:  Psalm 119: 103
The above link has very clear directions.  You should check out her site.  I did make a couple variations to her project.  I used less candy (less expensive) and I added the Bible verse. 

 The kids really love the candy necklaces.  I imagine there are hundreds of reasons to make these necklaces.  Big Guy and Little Guy made a couple for their friends, just because...  Since there is tying involved I had to help Big Guy and Little Guy a lot.  I'm sure older elementary kids could do the entire project by themselves.  My boys loved picking out the candy to include in the necklace.  Have fun!

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